Senior digital marketing rockstar

focused on Business Development, Partnerships & Product Management


who the f@#% am i?


I thrive in getting things done, moving fast and connecting dots to enable unparalleled opportunities.


Yup, I sure am.

A resourceful and versatile gen-Y digital enthusiast who is always looking to create meaningful impact by a strong belief in the intersection of technology, design and innovative ideas to solve real problems, build smarter businesses and create better experiences that truly enrich our lives

Born with the gift of gab, Walter is passionate about bringing new solutions to market with a focus on building & strengthening partnerships, handling marketing key decisions and conducting business development efforts

7+ thrilling years of online/social media-related experience (5+ in management positions), with demonstrated track record for leading successful interactive strategies, cutting-edge business opportunities and product development initiatives for a wide range of top global brands.

· Global business network of high value;
· Award-winning creative problem solver;
· User-focused instincts for product design;
· Possessor of an instinctive eye for what’s next in the communications field;
· Technology savvy (to not say nerd), with in-depth knowledge of current web trends and applications.




Some of the clients I've helped along the way:


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